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Beyond Angkor Hiking in Mystery Trail


Angkor Jungle Trek: A Journey into the Heart of Cambodia

Embark on the “Angkor Jungle Trek” with Tola Angkor Guide. This experience invites you to explore Cambodia’s mysterious past and stunning natural wonders. Wander through dense, lush jungles, where untouched landscapes merge with raw natural beauty, making the Angkor Jungle Trek an unforgettable adventure.

Exploring the Mystery Trail and Hidden Temples

Your adventure begins on the Mystery Trail, a path less travelled. Here, history and nature blend in harmony. The trail leads to the majestic Preah Khan temple, showcasing the grandeur of the Khmer Empire. Amidst intricate carvings and ruins, connect with stories of an ancient era.

Hidden Temples Exploration: Discovering Ta Nei and Angkor Thom

Continue your journey to the secluded Ta Nei temple, a serene sanctuary within Angkor. This temple offers a rare glimpse into the past, away from crowds. Next, visit Angkor Thom, the historic heart of the Khmer Empire. Marvel at the Bayon Temple’s architectural and artistic brilliance as you stroll through this remarkable site.

Cambodia Nature Adventure: Beyond the Temples

Enjoy a delightful jungle lunch, blending local flavours with enchanting surroundings. Traditional Cambodian cuisine awaits beneath towering trees, amidst the jungle’s symphony, enhancing the Angkor Jungle Trek experience.

A Bridge to Nature and History

Experience the thrill of crossing a swing bridge. It symbolizes adventure, discovery, and connection with nature. This act brings you closer to Cambodia’s wilderness heart.

Reflecting at the French Dam: A Connection to Cambodia’s Past

The tour concludes at the historical French Dam, serving as a reminder of Cambodia’s colonial history. Reflect on the resilience and spirit of the Cambodian people, whose culture has endured through time.

In the “Angkor Jungle Trek,” you’re an explorer, not just a tourist. Uncover Cambodia’s hidden facets and soul. Join us to discover and connect deeply with Cambodia’s rich history and vibrant culture.

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