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Jaya House River Park

Location and Ambiance

Jaya House River Park sits by the Siem Reap River, surrounded by lush gardens. The setting offers a peaceful escape from the city’s hustle, creating a quiet and serene environment for guests to enjoy.

Architectural Design and Sustainability

The hotel’s architecture combines modern design with traditional Khmer elements, featuring intricate carvings and locally sourced materials. This harmonious blend of styles creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. Jaya House also emphasizes sustainability, using energy-efficient systems and eco-friendly practices to minimize its environmental impact.

Wellness and Spa Programs

Jaya House River Park is known for its spa treatments and wellness programs. They offer traditional Khmer healing practices and modern therapies, including the signature Khmer massage. This unique combination helps guests relax and rejuvenate. The spa’s holistic approach focuses on both physical and mental well-being, with yoga sessions, meditation workshops, and health-conscious dining options.

Cultural Connection and Community Engagement

Jaya House celebrates Cambodia’s rich cultural heritage by incorporating local art and traditions into its design and guest experiences. Artisans from nearby villages contribute to the hotel’s authentic Khmer atmosphere. The hotel also supports community programs like education and sustainability initiatives, demonstrating its commitment to the local community.

Environmental Initiatives

Jaya House River Park leads in environmental responsibility with green initiatives such as organic waste composting, solar energy use, and a plastic-free policy. The hotel’s gardens not only enhance the property’s beauty but also promote biodiversity, supporting local flora and fauna. These eco-friendly practices have earned the hotel recognition in sustainable tourism.

Future Outlook

Jaya House River Park plans to expand its influence in eco-tourism and wellness tourism. The management wants to introduce innovative services that align with global sustainability trends while maintaining the hotel’s intimate and personalized guest experience. Challenges include balancing expansion with preserving the hotel’s unique charm, but the management is optimistic about setting new benchmarks in luxury eco-tourism.


Jaya House River Park represents a sanctuary of serenity and wellness in Siem Reap. With its dedication to cultural preservation, environmental responsibility, and wellness-oriented hospitality, the hotel offers a unique experience that goes beyond conventional tourism. Visitors can immerse themselves in Khmer culture and sustainable living practices, making a stay at Jaya House an enriching journey that leaves a lasting impression.

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