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Friends-International (FI)

Transforming Lives Globally: The Friends-International Journey


Friends-International (FI), established in 1994 in Cambodia, has evolved into a global symbol of hope and support for marginalized children, youth, and their families. Extending its reach beyond Southeast Asia, FI aims to empower the disenfranchised with robust social services that tackle poverty, combat social exclusion, and elevate living standards.

Key Initiatives and Programs: Empowering Marginalized Communities in Southeast Asia

ChildSafe Movement

The ChildSafe Movement is at the heart of FI’s efforts to protect children and empower marginalized communities in Southeast Asia. This global initiative educates and mobilizes community stakeholders, including businesses, governments, and locals, to protect young lives from abuse. The program’s success hinges on creating safe environments where children can thrive.

Vocational Training and Education

Central to breaking the cycle of poverty, FI’s vocational training equips marginalized youth with crucial skills in fields like hospitality, mechanics, and IT. More than just job training, these programs include life skills education, helping individuals tackle everyday challenges with confidence. These initiatives are pivotal in empowering marginalized communities in Southeast Asia. Learn more about Friends-International’s vocational training programs.

Social Enterprise Ventures

FI has launched several social businesses, such as Friends ‘n’ Stuff boutiques and training restaurants, which fund and support their mission of empowering marginalized communities in Southeast Asia. These enterprises offer practical training for students, bridging the gap between classroom learning and workplace realities, thus enhancing job readiness.

Outreach and Support Services

FI’s reach extends deep into communities through proactive outreach. Services range from medical aid to educational support, helping integrate families into society and offering new opportunities for growth and stability. Discover more about FI’s Outreach and Support Services.

Impact and Recognition

FI’s innovative approach has significantly improved lives across the globe, earning accolades for its contributions to social justice and development. This recognition underscores the effectiveness and necessity of their work. Check out the awards and recognition FI has garnered.

How to Support: Empowering Marginalized Communities in Southeast Asia

Supporting FI can be as simple as donating, volunteering, or patronizing their social enterprises. Moreover, becoming a ChildSafe Agent or Partner can amplify your impact, spreading protective practices through networks and communities. Every contribution helps in empowering marginalized communities in Southeast Asia.


By integrating social entrepreneurship with crucial social services, FI not only addresses immediate needs but also fosters long-term societal change. This strategy has established FI as a leader in social innovation, paving the way for sustainable development and impactful social transformation.

Learn more about how you can support Friends-International.

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