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Claycult Cambodia


Located in the vibrant heart of Siem Reap, known for its ancient temples, Claycult Cambodia is a center of traditional craftsmanship and sustainable practices. This ceramic workshop and retail outlet is deeply committed to preserving the rich Khmer heritage and promoting sustainable community development.

Origins and Growth of Claycult Cambodia

Claycult Cambodia began with a clear mission: to revive and sustain the ancient ceramic traditions of Cambodia. The founders blended traditional Khmer artistry with modern designs, focusing on both cultural preservation and providing sustainable jobs for locals.

As it developed, Claycult Cambodia gained international recognition, showcasing the beauty of Cambodian ceramics worldwide. Despite its growth, the workshop’s core mission remains to educate and employ local artisans, fostering a new generation of skilled craftsmen.

Artistic Expression at Claycult Cambodia

Claycult Cambodia honors traditional Khmer ceramic techniques passed down through generations. The workshop is a creative space where old-world methods meet modern innovation. Artisans use local clays and celebrate the unique qualities of natural materials, creating pieces that embody the spirit of the earth.

The workshop’s diverse product range includes everything from delicate jewelry to functional homeware. Each item tells a story, drawing inspiration from Cambodia’s landscapes, the iconic Angkor temples, and the dynamic spirit of its people.

Connecting Past and Present

Claycult Cambodia plays a crucial role in preserving and revitalizing Khmer ceramic arts. It adapts ancient techniques to meet contemporary needs, ensuring this traditional craft thrives in today’s world.

The workshop also prioritizes cultural preservation through its community outreach and education programs. These initiatives not only build appreciation for traditional Khmer craftsmanship but also equip individuals with valuable skills.

Commitment to Sustainability

Claycult Cambodia exemplifies sustainable artisanship. It adopts eco-friendly practices throughout its operations, emphasizing a responsible approach to the environment. This commitment extends to social and economic aspects, promoting a balanced approach to art, community, and nature.

Worldwide Influence

Claycult Cambodia’s influence reaches well beyond Cambodia’s borders. It combines traditional craftsmanship with modern design, attracting global attention and emphasizing the importance of preserving traditional arts. The workshop’s success demonstrates that sustainable and ethical practices can form a solid foundation for business.

Experience Claycult Cambodia

Visitors to Siem Reap are invited to discover the unique world of Claycult Cambodia. The workshop offers interactive experiences, allowing guests to observe ceramic making, engage with artisans, and craft their own pieces. This hands-on approach offers a deep connection to Cambodia’s cultural heritage.

For those interested in supporting Claycult Cambodia’s mission, the retail outlet offers a variety of ceramic creations. Each piece is a meaningful souvenir, reflecting the spirit of Siem Reap and the workshop’s commitment to sustainability and craftsmanship.


Claycult Cambodia is a remarkable fusion of tradition, art, and ecological awareness. Through its efforts to preserve ceramic art, foster community growth, and advocate for sustainability, the workshop is a source of inspiration. It continues to be a must-visit destination in Siem Reap for anyone eager to experience the profound intersection of culture and sustainability, where every creation has a story of resilience, beauty, and hope.

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