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The Green Gecko Project

Elevating the Green Gecko Project: A Beacon of Hope in Siem Reap


Founded in 2005, the Green Gecko Project emerged as a pivotal response to the urgent needs of street children in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Initiated by Tania Palmer and Rem Poum, this initiative has evolved into a robust framework. It not only provides immediate aid but also fosters sustainable development for these children and their families. This comprehensive program is a testament to a steadfast commitment to lift these children out of poverty and guide them toward a brighter, more prosperous future.

Mission and Core Programs

Transformative Goals

The primary mission of the Green Gecko Project is to disrupt the cycle of poverty. It provides holistic support to street children and their families, encompassing education, healthcare, vocational training, and empowerment opportunities. This initiative tackles the root causes that drive children to the streets, focusing on long-term solutions to ensure a sustainable and poverty-free future.

Educational Empowerment

Education is at the heart of the Green Gecko Project. The project offers access to formal schooling and life skills training, ensuring that children receive comprehensive education. The curriculum includes English language training, computer literacy courses, and vocational training. These programs are designed to enhance future employment opportunities and economic stability.

Healthcare and Nutrition

Health plays a vital role in child development. Therefore, the Green Gecko Project provides extensive healthcare services. These services include regular medical check-ups, immunizations, and nutritional programs. As a result, the children can grow, learn, and develop in optimal health.

Family and Community Engagement

The well-being of children is deeply interconnected with the stability of their families and communities. Consequently, the project extends its support to improve family livelihoods through vocational training for parents, financial education, and support for small family businesses. This approach fosters a supportive environment for holistic child development.

Sustainability and Long-Term Planning

The Green Gecko Project is deeply committed to sustainability, both environmentally and programmatically. The initiative promotes environmental awareness and engages in community development projects. Furthermore, it assists older students in transitioning to higher education or vocational opportunities through scholarships and internships. This ensures a self-sustaining cycle of education and empowerment.

Impact and Recognition

The impact of the Green Gecko Project is profoundly visible in the success stories of its participants. Numerous former street children have progressed to higher education and meaningful employment, contributing positively to their communities. This transformative approach has garnered international acclaim, positioning the project as a model for child welfare and sustainable community development.

How to Contribute

Contributions to the Green Gecko Project can be diverse, ranging from financial donations to active volunteering and advocacy. The project thrives on partnerships with like-minded individuals, organizations, and businesses committed to making a significant difference in the lives of Cambodia’s street children.


The Green Gecko Project stands as a beacon of hope in Siem Reap, embodying the power of comprehensive support and education in altering the destinies of its beneficiaries. Through collective effort and sustained support, the project continues to illustrate the immense potential for positive change within vulnerable communities.

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