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Kampong Pluk

Discovering Kampong Pluk: A Hidden Gem Beyond Siem Reap


Kampong Pluk, a unique village on stilts, stands along the expansive Tonle Sap Lake, near Siem Reap. This village offers a rare peek into a community that adapts seamlessly to the rhythmic rise and fall of Cambodia’s largest freshwater lake. Visitors to Kampong Pluk are treated not only to the striking sight of homes perched high on stilts but also to a deep dive into the area’s rich ecological and cultural life.

Geographical and Environmental Context

The existence of Kampong Pluk is deeply intertwined with the seasonal changes of Tonle Sap Lake. In the wet season, the village seems to float on the lake’s surface. Come dry season, the water recedes to reveal the foundations of this elevated community. This ever-changing landscape supports a diverse ecosystem crucial to the region’s biodiversity.

Daily Life and Economic Activities

Fishing is the lifeblood of Kampong Pluk, with most families involved in daily fishing activities. Aside from fishing, villagers engage in farming and crafting, making use of the dry season to cultivate crops and create items like woven goods and wood crafts. Tourism has also grown, with visitors coming to see the village’s natural beauty and learn about its way of life, which helps support the local economy.

Cultural Traditions and Practices

Kampong Pluk is vibrant with cultural traditions that mirror its close ties to nature. Festivals and religious ceremonies often align with the agricultural and fishing calendars, celebrating harvests and praying for prosperity. The local cuisine features fish and vegetables, often flavored with herbs from floating gardens, showcasing the community’s reliance on its watery surroundings.

Environmental Challenges and Conservation Efforts

The village faces environmental challenges, including the impact of climate change, which affects water levels and disrupts traditional living patterns. Pollution and habitat destruction also threaten the area. Conservation efforts by local groups and NGOs focus on promoting sustainable practices that benefit both the environment and the community. Eco-friendly tourism plays a crucial role in these conservation efforts, generating funds and increasing awareness.

The Experience of Visiting Kampong Pluk

A trip to Kampong Pluk is enriching and unique. Activities range from boat rides through the flooded forests to walking tours on the village’s elevated platforms when the lake dries. Visitors gain insights into the sustainable practices of the locals and are encouraged to interact respectfully and support local crafts.

Opportunities for Immersive Experiences

Those looking for a deeper experience can stay overnight, participating in the daily life of the village. Nearby, lesser-known temples and wildlife sanctuaries offer more adventures. Bird-watching tours are especially popular, making the most of the area’s rich bird population.


Kampong Pluk offers more than just a scenic view; it’s an immersive experience into a community that exemplifies resilience and harmony with nature. Visitors leave with a better understanding of how Cambodia’s lake communities thrive. By visiting Kampong Pluk, travelers help ensure the village remains vibrant for future generations.

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