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Jayav Art

Jayav Art: A Beacon of Modern Art and Craftsmanship in Siem Reap


Located in the vibrant heart of Siem Reap, Jayav Art is a unique haven for art lovers. This innovative gallery and workshop combines the ancient craft of papier-mâché with modern artistry. Led by Philippe Brousseau, a celebrated French artist, it showcases Cambodia’s rich cultural heritage with a modern twist.

The Vision of Philippe Brousseau

Philippe Brousseau was drawn to Cambodia by its charm and deep-rooted artistry. He created Jayav Art to blend traditional Cambodian crafts with modern art. This space reflects his respect for local culture and his commitment to sustainability. It stands as a tribute to art that balances ecological awareness with aesthetic beauty.

Artistic Process and Workshops

Creating papier-mâché sculptures at Jayav Art involves skill, patience, and respect for materials. The workshop opens its doors to visitors, offering insight into the dedication required for each piece. This engagement demystifies art-making and strengthens the connection between artists and viewers.

A Diverse Array of Artworks

Jayav Art features a diverse range of media, including wood, terra cotta, and stone. Each piece tells a story, capturing themes of nature, spirituality, and folklore. This mix of traditional and contemporary art enriches the gallery and reflects Cambodia’s artistic diversity.

Contributions to Siem Reap’s Art Scene

Jayav Art is a vibrant part of Siem Reap’s art scene. It supports traditional techniques and modern designs, nurturing local talent and attracting global artists. This blend of ideas and cultures boosts Siem Reap’s status as a cultural hub and inspires new artists.

Sustainable Art and Community Impact

Sustainability is central to Jayav Art’s mission. The gallery uses recycled materials and fair trade practices, emphasizing art’s role in environmental and social change. It supports a community of artists, enhancing local craftsmanship and regional development.

Visitor Experience and Engagement

Jayav Art offers more than visual art; it invites visitors to participate in the artistic process. Engaging with artists and attending workshops allows visitors to see how simple materials are transformed into exquisite artworks. This enriches the overall experience, making Jayav Art a favored destination for art lovers and cultural enthusiasts.


In the art world of Siem Reap, Jayav Art shines as a beacon of innovation, tradition, and sustainability. It plays a crucial role in promoting Cambodian art globally and fostering an environment of learning and engagement. As it continues to inspire, Jayav Art invites everyone to explore a world where art transcends boundaries and sparks the imagination.

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