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Happy Ranch Horse Farm

Exploring Happy Ranch Horse Farm: A Unique Adventure in Siem Reap

Introduction to Happy Ranch Horse Farm

Located merely 6.2 km northeast of Siem Reap and accessible by a quick 15-minute tuk-tuk ride, Happy Ranch Horse Farm stands out as a premier destination for outdoor sports and activities. It welcomes riders of all skill levels to indulge in horseback riding lessons and guided tours, providing an intimate glimpse of the scenic Cambodian countryside.

Discover the Charm of Happy Ranch Horse Farm

Nestled in the serene settings of Siem Reap, Happy Ranch Horse Farm offers visitors a distinctive way to explore Cambodia’s rural beauty. More than just an alternative to the typical temple tours, this equestrian adventure invites you to experience the landscape from the unique perspective of horseback riding. The farm is committed to the welfare of its horses, ensuring they are healthy and well-cared-for, which makes it ideal for both beginner and experienced riders.

Heritage and Community Engagement

Happy Ranch Horse Farm was born from a passion for horses and a vision to share Cambodia’s tranquil landscapes with the global community. Integrating deeply with local traditions, the farm has become a pivotal place for cultural exchange. It provides a pathway to explore off-the-beaten-track locations like rice fields, traditional villages, and ancient ruins, all while offering a peaceful retreat from the lively city environment.

Experience the Equestrian Lifestyle

At Happy Ranch Horse Farm, the horses’ well-being is paramount. Each horse is nurtured with great care, ensuring their happiness and health are prioritized. Visitors are encouraged to engage with these majestic animals through activities such as grooming, learning about their care, and riding through various trails that reveal the untouched beauty of the region, including its wildlife and hidden architectural gems.

Plan Your Visit

Happy Ranch Horse Farm caters to all levels of horse-riding experience, with expert guides available to ensure a safe and enjoyable adventure for everyone. The journey offers more than just horse riding—it’s a deep dive into the heart of Cambodian rural culture, providing insights into traditional farming methods and the symbiotic relationship between locals and their environment.

Visitor Recommendations

To fully enjoy your visit, it’s best to schedule your ride during the cooler times of day, either early morning or late afternoon. Wear comfortable clothing and closed-toed shoes for safety and comfort. The farm also provides amenities where guests can unwind and refresh, making it easy to relax after an exhilarating ride.

Health and Safety Measures

In response to recent global health concerns, Happy Ranch Horse Farm has implemented stringent safety protocols to protect both visitors and staff. These precautions ensure that the farm remains a secure and enjoyable destination for everyone.


Happy Ranch Horse Farm is not just a place to ride horses—it’s a captivating journey into the vibrant heart of Cambodia. Offering breathtaking views, a deep connection to culture, and a chance to interact with gentle equine companions, it promises an unforgettable experience for those seeking adventure beyond the city’s temples. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a first-timer, the farm awaits to provide you with memorable moments in the beautiful landscapes of Siem Reap.

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