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Center for Khmer Studies

The Center for Khmer Studies (CKS) in Siem Reap is a crucial institution promoting research, education, and cultural exchange in Cambodia and the surrounding Mekong region. It seeks to deepen global understanding of Cambodia’s culture and history through various programs and public events​ (CKS – Center for Khmer Studies)​.

Programs and Fellowships

CKS offers multiple programs and fellowships for scholars interested in Cambodian culture. The Junior Resident Fellowship Program unites students from France, the United States, and Cambodia for a comprehensive exploration of contemporary Cambodia. Through hands-on experiences and resources like the CKS library and the National Archives, participants can delve into Cambodian history​ (CKS – Center for Khmer Studies)​. This unique program allows fellows to conduct research and learn from world-class scholars while immersing themselves in Cambodian life.

Public Conferences and Events

CKS also hosts public conferences, which have recently restarted after a pause due to COVID-19. These events bring together foreign and Cambodian scholars, facilitating academic exchange and cultural exploration. Located within Wat Damnak, the CKS conference hall and library offer an excellent setting for these meetings​ (Cambodianess)​. These public conferences are a great way for visitors to learn more about Cambodia.

Khmer Language and Culture Program

Another program offered by CKS is the Khmer Language and Culture Program, designed for US and non-US faculty, researchers, and upper-level undergraduate students. Over eight weeks, participants engage in intensive learning, field visits, and other cultural activities​ (CKS – Center for Khmer Studies)​. It’s a great opportunity for those seeking to learn about Khmer culture and language in-depth.

Partnerships and Governance

CKS collaborates with various institutions and partners to promote Cambodian culture and scholarly exchange. The governance structure includes a board of directors and several international and Cambodian advisors​ (Wikipedia)​. Partnerships with universities, libraries, academic societies, and museums ensure a broad network of support for the center’s work.

Visitor Experience and Tourism

Visitors to Siem Reap can enjoy a peaceful campus and various activities that enrich their understanding of Cambodian culture. Furthermore, CKS supports cultural tourism by engaging with the “Visit Siem Reap 2024” campaign. This initiative helps promote tourism in the region by encouraging sustainable growth and meaningful cultural interactions​ (Phnom Penh Post)​. If you’re interested in learning more about Cambodian history and heritage, CKS is a must-visit destination.

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