Category - Libraries and archives

A Gateway to Cambodia’s Literary Heritage:

Welcome to the heart of Cambodia’s intellectual treasure troves. Our curated selection of libraries and archives offers you a unique lens through which to explore the nation’s rich literary, historical, and cultural tapestry. From ancient scrolls to modern research, these sanctuaries of knowledge provide a quiet refuge for those seeking to immerse themselves in the depths of Cambodian studies.

National Library of Cambodia:

Situated in the capital city of Phnom Penh, the National Library stands as a guardian of Cambodia’s written heritage. Housing a vast collection of Khmer manuscripts, French colonial records, and an extensive array of books, it serves as a pivotal resource for understanding Cambodia’s multifaceted history and cultural identity.

Documentation Center of Cambodia (DC-Cam):

An invaluable resource for researchers and historians, DC-Cam is dedicated to documenting the Khmer Rouge regime’s history. Its archives contain thousands of documents, photographs, and audiovisual materials that offer profound insights into one of the most turbulent periods in Cambodia’s recent past.

University Libraries and Research Centers:

Explore the academic heart of Cambodia through the libraries of its leading universities and research institutions. These centers of learning are hubs of innovation and scholarship, offering resources that span various disciplines including Khmer studies, Southeast Asian history, and environmental science.

Community Libraries and Cultural Centers:

Discover the grassroots movement of community libraries and cultural centers that aim to promote literacy, education, and cultural preservation across Cambodia. These spaces often serve as communal hubs, offering educational programs, language classes, and cultural workshops that enrich local communities.

Digital Archives:

In the digital age, several Cambodian archives have begun digitizing their collections, making them accessible to a global audience. These digital repositories offer an invaluable tool for distant learners and international researchers, providing instant access to a wealth of knowledge.

Embark on a journey of discovery through Cambodia’s libraries and archives, where every book, manuscript, and record tells a story of resilience, wisdom, and cultural pride. Whether you’re a scholar, student, or simply a curious traveler, these institutions offer a gateway to understanding the soul of Cambodia.