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Cambodian Children’s Trust (CCT)

Cambodian Children’s Trust: Transforming Child Welfare and Empowering Communities

Origins and Early Changes

The Cambodian Children’s Trust (CCT) began in 2007, founded by Tara Winkler and Pon Jedtha in Battambang, Cambodia. Its initial mission was to rescue children from abusive orphanages. Yet, CCT quickly realized that children thrive when they stay with their families. Thus, the organization shifted to a family-based care approach, reflecting a broader movement in child welfare that emphasizes family unity and stability.

The Village Hive Project: A Community-Driven Initiative

CCT’s core project, the Village Hive, is designed to address the root causes of poverty and the orphanage crisis in Cambodia. It promotes community engagement and works to break the cycle of dependency on external aid. The Village Hive strengthens public services and sets up early intervention programs. This approach ensures that the community can grow and flourish without relying solely on outside help.

Aiming for Sustainability and Independence

CCT’s long-term vision is ambitious: to become redundant by 2032. The plan is to establish a Village Hive in each commune and village in the Battambang District. This would allow communities to sustain themselves without ongoing assistance from CCT. It is a bold approach but reflects CCT’s commitment to long-term community resilience and independence.

Stories of Change and Impact

CCT’s blog is full of stories demonstrating the real impact of its programs. These stories show families reuniting, youths finding their path, and communities coming together. Each story underlines how CCT’s work goes beyond individual lives to build a stronger, more supportive community.

Supporting CCT’s Mission

The success of CCT relies on donations, volunteers, and advocates. The organization encourages family-based care and the deinstitutionalization of children. By promoting these values, CCT hopes to inspire a broader change in child welfare practices. It aims to gather more support to improve the lives of children and families in Cambodia.

A Model for Global Change

The Cambodian Children’s Trust shows the power of innovative, community-focused approaches to child welfare and community development. As CCT continues its journey toward systemic transformation, its model serves as an example for organizations worldwide. Through commitment, collaboration, and empowerment, CCT proves that a future where every child grows up in a supportive and loving family environment is within reach.

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